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FSL-03: Assistence to Higher Primary School Teacher in Hosadu Higher Primary School

1. Project-host: Hosadu Higher Primary School
Place: Hosadu, Kundapur Region: Karnataka

2. Description of the local project:
Hosadu Higher Primary School has children who come from a poor background. It is a government run school with classes consisting of between 20 – 40 children. There are 5 classrooms and one large room split into 3 classes by partition boards. By placing international volunteers there the school expect to improve the children’s English and it also gives the children time to spend with the volunteers.

3. Field of work: Education

4. Special qualifications required:
Volunteers need to have a good level of English and be College or University graduates.

Special qualifications recommended
The project is challenging and you need to be very dedicated to your tasks. Language might be a barrier since few people in your project will speak English, therefore creative methods of communication would be helpful and some preparation about the local language- Kannada. Although, you will receive training in the local language on arrival. Feel free to bring some things from home to be able to make a country presentation to the children to tell them about your country and/or Europe. The volunteer needs to enjoy working with children, have good communication skills, a lot of patience and creative ideas.

5. Description of the tasks of the volunteer
The volunteer’s main task there will be to prepare and give English lessons to the children. The classes will consist of between 20 - 40 children. They can organise some activities, drawing, sports and crafts for example. This is a challenging project that really needs help since the school is very poor and the English skills of the pupils are very low. Most of the people there speak very little English (even the teachers) and the volunteer will have to find simple and creative ways to communicate with them. Their detailed daily schedule will be fixed after an introduction talk.
Generally, the work will be teaching Basic English through games, songs, activities, role play, quizzes and competitions and building upon development and progress of the students.